Founded in 2010, Dancin Deer Audio is independently owned by a composer and operated by a writer who lives and knows your business. We write, record and format all of our music for ease of use, to complement a variety of productions and their styles. Think about it, there is only one place you can get quality music with ease, here at Dancin Deer Audio. When you think of Dancin Deer Audio: think Music + Invention & Clarity.

At Dancin Deer Audio, the philosophy is to stay on top of technology and blend it with exceptional organic quality music. Our commitment to excellence is evident in both the music we produce and the carefully selected catalogs that we represent. Our staff is dedicated to serving you in every way possible and our service team is focused on your specific production requirements. We have a list of products and services that are unmatched in the production music industry and are constantly evolving with your changing needs.

We pride ourselves in staying ahead of technological curve by anticipating a client’s every need. We are visionaries and constantly push ourselves to find the new hidden tech gems. Constantly moving towards what’s next. All this translates to providing you with tools to make searching and using music as convenient as possible. We understand you need music and we’re here to make it as efficient and as compatible to your process as possible. Our list of products include hard drive delivery, DVD delivery, multiple file formats, and broadcast compliant files.

Dancin Deer Audio can fulfill your music cue needs. Our growing boutique library is enhanced with a production facility that allows us to also create custom cues on demand – if we don’t have it, we can create it. We also do sound design utilizing the latest in sound software.

Why get music from a larger library that treats music by numbers. We take care of our artists and their music will take care of you. Dancin Deer Audio might be smaller, but it packs the punch you need.

• Custom Cues

• Custom Sound FX

• Custom Trailer Music

• Custom Ringtones

• Custom Themes

• Music Compilations

• Bumpers & Jingles

• And more…