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DDA Music In TV Shows

We’ve got some fun music news. Tracks that our composers have written are now on TV. Where on TV can I hear this music we speak of, when we say DDA Music in TV shows? Look no further, read down this post and you’ll find out where the music has been playing and getting used.

NASCAR on FOX – The Daytona 500 Qualifier
NASCAR on FOX – Subway Fresh Pit
NFL on FOX – Various games
Design Squad Nation – Various episodes
30 Clubs in 30 Days – Various episodes
Angels Live ’12 – Multiple episodes
Antonio Treatment – Various episodes
Auction Hunters – Various episodes
Bang For Your Buck – Various episodes
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim ’12 – Multiple episodes
Red Wings Live ’12
Tigers Live ’12
Top 10 Right Now – Multiple episodes
WWE Raw – Multiple episodes

We’re being heard internationally in Canada, the Czech Republic, New Zealand, Sweden and the UK. That’s via Radio and TV. Spread the word and let your friends know it’s out there.

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New Look & Feel

Hello Musical World.

We’ve got our new website up and running. We’re excited as it’s going to lead us to the ability to finally allow you the music licensor to be able to log in as a client, pay for a license and then download the track your production requires. We’ll certainly announce when that feature hits the netwaves.

In the meantime, take a look around. Notice a new section for showcasing usages in “Video” is now here.

Check back often for news on placements and new music that is available.

As part of a revamp of our services and increasing our online presence, we’d like to personally say welcome to our new website. In addition to providing great music, we’re going to work on creating a great web experience to go with it.

Thanks for stopping in.