Get Your Goats

Dancin Deer Audio is pleased to announce that a movie trailer called Goats is featuring two of our tracks.

There comes a time in each of our lives where we have to make a change. Something that will alter our karma. Such is the case with a new movie coming out in which David Duchovny stars. One of the important facts about Goats trailer is that the music was done by DDA. So click in and sit back for an interesting ride about coming of age in a strange family that might get your Goats.

The first song heard is known as Wired (co-written with Trudee Lunden), the second song heard is Hidden Goat an instrumental track we were hired to create for the trailer.

The really amazing thing is that this trailer was released quite recently during the Sundance Film Festival. To add more trivia to the pot, there’s already several “remixes” and repostings of the trailer around the web. That concludes our little update about getting your Goats.