Exercise Pussycat Doll Style

We’re proud of this short little spot right here (back dated post). Because of the fact that we were hired to create the custom underscore you’re hearing in this little sizzle.

Who doesn’t want to get into better shape? Of course there’s a multibillion dollar industry geared towards fancy gadgets and pills to help lose weight and to look better naked. That’s the whole point right? To look better naked? I think so.

For those of us who prefer to workout at home while looking at and mimicking hot women, there’s a new exercise regimen. This one is by the creator of the Pussycat Dolls. Ok, this program isn’t geared towards men per se, but it’s certainly worth watching your woman get into better shape right?

We did the music for this little trailer. So get your PCD dance on and enjoy your way to a hotter figure!